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  1. Develop ways to better understand the interactions that affect the performance of distributed computing systems.
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01/15/2010: PhD student Golsa Moayeri pour joins the ACSL. Welcome Golsa!

01/15/2010: Undergraduate student Blair Conner joins the ACSL. Welcome Blair!

08/01/2009: The ACSL officially re-opens in MGL B311-C

07/01/2009: The ACSL officially vacates it's home for 4 years in MGL 1236/1236A

06/15/2010: The ACSL takes delivery of its newest machine, a 10-node (plus login node) machine comprised of dual AMD quad-core (Shanghai) CPUs from HP.

06/01/2009: The ACSL PIII cluster is shut-down for de-commissioning. So long old friend.


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  1. Develop ways to manage distributed computing resources to achieve reliable and sustained performance.
Research Objectives:

Distributed computing systems are composed of subsystems that do not know much about each other. Our  research in this area seeks to understand the system dynamics and how the subsystems might better interact with each other by coordinated adaptation so the holistic system provides consistent performance.
We are currently studying system dynamics in the context of:
Cluster & Grid Computing - issues relating to systemic consistency focusing on network, scheduler, application, and environmental performance and management.
Also related to Cluster & Grid Computing we are actively working with researchers in MET & ECET to apply Molecular and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation applications to validate real-world problems in nanomachining operations and fire dynamics.
Sensor Networks - Sensor networks have allowed us to look at engineering and computer science challenges in new ways. We are investigating new ways to combine materials science, technology, and scientific applications in areas such as Bio-engineering, Hydrology, and Agriculture.
Security - We work with cryptographic and supporting algorithm implementations in embedded systems, particularly as these algorithms apply to system performance. These issues are particularly interesting in the context of large distributed systems such as the emerging "Smart" electro Grid"
Public Health - A new area for us, we are working with colleagues in Health & Kinesiology to understand where individuals participate in physical activity.

Contact Information

Purdue University

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
401 N. Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Lab: MGL B311-C
Phone: (765) 494-7725
Fax: (765) 496-1354
email: jje AT purdue DOT edu

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